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Fashion Revolution 2021

20—April 2021

It's Fashion Revolution Week and our teams across New Zealand and Australia are getting involved to amplify the campaign for transparency within clothing and textile supply chains, asking #WhoMadeMyClothes? and #WhoMadeMyFabric?

Fashion Revolution Week
Apr 20 2021

Here at The Fabric Store, we are huge supporters of home sewing and the #MeMade movement! We appreciate and celebrate the time, effort, and care that goes into creating garments by hand. The experience of sewing an item of clothing by hand teaches us the true value of a ready-to-wear garment and gives us an understanding of the skill of all workers involved in its production.

This year Fashion Revolution is calling for individuals to ask #WhoMadeMyFabric? This is to highlight all of the workers right through the supply chain of the fashion industry focusing not only on garment workers through questioning #WhoMadeMyClothes but including farmers, pickers, weavers, dyers, spinners, printers, knitters, finishers and more. We believe bringing these conversations into the light will lead to better transparency within the fashion industry, more thoughtful purchasing decisions from consumers and increasing awareness of treatment, conditions, and rights for those who work in the industry.

Find out about our approach to Sustainability and Supply Chain transparency here!

In celebration of Fashion Revolution Week our teams across New Zealand and Australia have been sharing a bunch of wonderful #MeMade creations with us! We hope this inspires you to take action by asking your favourite brands #WhoMadeMyClothes, #WhoMadeMyFabric and #WhatsInMyClothes?

Fashion Revolution Window Poster A4 Kissi Ussuki
Fashion Revolution Window Poster Jada Bruney

Below, Lorraine from our Sydney store used our Olive Linen and Olive Gingham Linen to make her Pomona Pants by Anna Allen and Elliot Top pattern by Cool Stitches.

Alicia from our Melbourne store team wears a super cute self drafted dress in one of our rayon crepe fabrics!

Lorraine fashion rev 2021
Alicia fashion rev 2021

(Below, left) Katie from our Brisbane team wears a Make by TFS Mabel Dress in our Navy ZQ Premium Merino.
Brianna (right) from our Sydney store has made her Friday Pattern Company Wilder Gown in one of our Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics!

Katie fash rev 2
Brianna fashion rev 2021

Kate (below left) from our HO team used our Soft Lilac Merino to make her self-drafted top.
Tracy (right) from our Adelaide store team made her pants using the Closet Core Jenny Overalls pattern and using one of our denim fabrics, paired with a top made in one of our merino fabrics and a Liberty silk scarf!

SQ Kate Merino Fash Rev

Steph from our HO team (below left) wears a self-drafted ruffle collar in our Vintage Blush and Caper Vintage Finish Linen.
Ruby (right) from our Christchurch store used our Vintage Blush Gingham Linen to make her Peppermint Magazine free Wrap Skirt pattern and one of our Merino Short-end fabrics to make her Paradise Patterns Blomma Tank.

Steph VF collar FR
Ruby CHCH FR 21

Jade (below left) from our Christchurch store wears a Make by TFS Mabel Dress in our Acorn Merino with a self-drafted jacket from one of our herringbone fabrics and bag from our leather selection!
Frankie (right) from our HQ team wears our Make by TFS August Skirt in a Cotton Short-end from our Auckland store with her hand-knitted sweater.

Jade CHCH FR 21
Frankie Fash Rev 21

Catybell (below left) from our Brisbane store team made up the super cute short-leg version of the Papercut Patterns Mirri Jumpsuit in our Papaya Vintage Finish Linen.
Genevieve (right) from our HO team wears a self-drafted top made using a delicious array of our ZQ Premium Merino colours!

SQ catybell fash rev 1
Edit Gen Merino Fash Rev

Kate (below left) from our Brisbane team wears made her Papercut Patterns Maya Dress up in our Mint Bold Plaid Linen!
Annie (right) from our Sydney team used our Acorn ZQ Premium Merino for her Make by TFS Mabel Dress.

SQ Katalyst designs 4
SQ Annie Sydney Acorn Mabel Fash Rev

Get on board and share your makes with us tagging @wearethefabricstore or using #TheFabricStore and help increase awareness by using the #IMadeMyClothes hashtag, not just for Fashion Revolution Week but year-round!

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