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Serpentine Hat

18—November 2020

We review the Serpentine Hat, a great scrap bust and summer staple item from Elbe Textiles!

Serpentine Hat — Elbe Textiles
Nov 18 2020

Planning #memade gifts for loved ones or in need of some chic sun protection? The Serpentine Hat from Elbe Textiles is a timeless wide brim style that is both practical and cute, making it a staple accessory to have on-hand for sunny days! Using just 40cm for each side, main and lining, this is perfect for using up those precious scraps from previous projects! We used our Vintage Blush Heavyweight Linen and Gingham Linen offcuts and can't wait to try out other colourful combinations. Read on for our full review, kindly worn by Steph from our HQ team.

Elbe textiles serpentine hat ginham linen by the fabric store
Vb elbe textiles serpentine hat ginham heavyweight linen by the fabric store

Serpentine Hat by Elbe Textiles

We're entering summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, the perfect chance to try out the Serpentine Hat from Elbe Textiles!

This great scrap bust is a quick and easy sew - a wide brim style that is fully lined, with the ability to be reversible. We made up a size Medium for Steph using scraps from previous projects using our exclusive Vintage Blush Heavyweight Linen and Vintage Blush Gingham Linen (both can be found in all stores and online). Fabric requirements given from Elbe Textiles are 40cm for the main fabric and 40cm for lining if your fabric is 120cm wide or over. We used our White Stayflex Fusible Interfacing (available in all stores and online) on our Gingham Linen pieces to give more stability to the fabric and you could use heavier fusing if you'd like your brim to have a little more structure.

Elbe Textiles recommend trimming away the 1cm seam allowance on your fusing pieces (if you're using it) to reduce bulky seams, although we agree if you're using thick canvas, denim or drill we would suggest to block fuse your pieces if you're using linen as we did. This way the seam allowance does not fray and stretch out, as linen tends to, especially on curved edges!

This is a quick sew that will only take a few hours from start to finish, hooray! We'd recommend reading the instructions thoroughly, following the pressing steps, and taking the time to snip into the curves as suggested in the instructions for a tidy finish. We found this pattern to be a great beginner sewists project!

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Vintage Blush Heavyweight Linen, Vintage Blush Gingham Linen & White Stayflex Fusible Interfacing

Elbe Textiles recommend denim, canvas, cotton drill and other medium to heavyweight woven fabrics that hold their structure. We think our Exclusive Heavyweight Linen gives this hat a summery, casual feel, you could also try one of our new Liberty Denim styles for a touch of playful print! Keep in mind that if you're using a patterned fabric with a repeat that you need to match, you may require a little more than the suggested fabric amounts.

We've put together a stack of fabric suggestions below, from the top is Gingham Linen - Canary, Heavyweight Linen - Duck Egg, Liberty Stretch Denim - Sandstorm / B, Check Linen / Cotton - Menthe, Liberty Stretch Denim - Luna / C & Heavyweight Linen - Vintage Blush

Fabrics elbe textiles serpentine hat ginham heavyweight linen by the fabric store
Sq elbe textiles serpentine hat ginham linen by the fabric store

This super handy #serpentinehat pattern may fast become your go-to summer accessory! Share yours with us by tagging @wearethefabricstore using #thefabricstore

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