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SQ Steph Crossover Tie Dress Arms Out

Steph's Puff & Pencil Crossover Dress

13—September 2023

HQ team member Steph has made this cute two tone dress, using the Crossover pattern by Pencil and Puff!

Staff Made — Puff and Pencil Crossover Dress
Sep 13 2023

Steph picked this cute dress pattern from Copenhagen based Puff and Pencil, an ideal style for a two-tone linen duo. Linen is a springtime dream to wear and with all of our popular TFS Exclusive Linens currently on sale at a massive 40% off it's the perfect time to snap up your favourite colours. Steph used Bone and Brick Organic Linens, check out the finished dress below.

SQ All Cut Out
Sewing Brick Hem
Steph Crossover Tie Dress Looking Down Crop
Steph Crossover Tie Dress Smiling Side Walking
Steph Crossover Tie Dress Arms Behind
Pinning Shoulder Seam Brick
Steph Crossover Tie Dress Tying Bow
Steph says, "I don’t have a linen dress at the moment, so I’m excited to have this ready for summer!"
Steph Crossover Tie Dress Standing Crop
Steph Crossover Tie Dress Back
Project Notes

The Crossover Dress — Puff and Pencil

This simple shift dress features a crossover front single tie on the inner layer and 3 outer ties that can be adjusted to create the perfect fit. Steph choose to make a size M and used our Bone Organic Linen colour for most of her dress, with the side panel and bows in Brick red, such a fun contrast! She used 1.25m of each linen colour, plus 2.5m of Bone Organic Linen Bias Binding. Using the excess Brick colour, she was able to make a separate long piece of binding to use for the ties and armhole binding. Size and fit were pretty perfect, and Steph mentioned she shifted the top tie on the right side into the armhole binding, after reading other maker's tips. Too easy! According to Puff and Pencil, you can also make this dress with sleeves, adding any of the Puff and Pencil sleeves which you can buy separately. We'll take one in every colour, thanks!

Download the Crossover Dress pattern from the Puff and Pencil website here.

Steph Crossover Tie Dress Smiling Crop
Steph Crossover Tie Dress Arms Out Smile
SQ Steph Crossover Tie Dress Back Arm Behind

We love this colour combo! If this linen project has caught your eye, shop our colour range online and head over to Instagram and share your progress! We'd love to see so be sure to tag us — @wearethefabricstore

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