Front pocket title square 3

4 — Front Pockets

27—April 2022

Time to sew the front pockets!

May Jean Sew Along — 4 — Front Pockets
Apr 27 2022
41 neatened pocket bearer

Start by neatening the two unnotched edges of each pocket bearer.

45 marking coin pocket placement 1

Transfer the pocket placement markings to the right side (as worn) only.

42 coin pocket topstitch

Turn the top edge of the coin pocket over 1cm twice. Top stitch with two lines of stitching 6mm apart.

43 coin pocket basting
44 coin pocket edges pressed

Machine baste a line of stitching around the three remaining sides at 1cm. Press these edges under 1cm using the stitching as a guide.

47 coin pocket pinned pocket bearer
48 coin pocket topstitched pocket bearer

Pin the coin pocket to the right-hand side pocket bearer (aligning to the markings). Top stitch, with two parallel lines of stitching 6mm apart, the three unstitched sides to secure.

49 pocket bearer pinned pocketbag
50 pocket bearer stitched pocketbag

Next, pin the pocket bearer to the pocket bag. With the wrong side of the pocket bearer facing the right side of the pocket lining, pin the pocket bearer in place. Edge stitch the pocket bearer to the pocket bag.

51 both pocket bearers stitched pocketbag

Pin and then edge stitch the second pocket bearer to the other pocket bag to create a pair.

52 pinning pocket bag
53 pocket bag sewn

Pin the pocket bag to the front leg, right sides together. Stitch around the curved pocket opening at 1cm.

54 clipping pocket curve

Clip into the curve at 1cm spacings, taking care not to cut through your stitching.

56 pocket topstitch close

Fold the pocket bag over, so the wrong sides are together and press. Top stitch the pocket opening with two lines of stitching, 6mm apart.

60 pocket bag pinned close 2
63 pocket bag sewen trimming

Fold the pocket bag in half at the notches, wrong sides together. This is opposite to the way you pressed this piece at the beginning.

Pin the bottom edge together, then sew with a 5mm seam. Trim the seam to 3mm.

64 pressing pocket french seam close

Turn the pocket out so the right sides are together, using a point turner to ensure the corner is fully turned out. Press.

66 finished pocket frenchseam

Sew the bottom edge again at 5mm to enclose the seam. Press again.

Baste the pocket bag to the front leg at the waist and side.

Repeat for the other side.

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