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Fashion Revolution 2022

19—April 2022

It's Fashion Revolution Week and our teams across New Zealand and Australia are getting involved to amplify the campaign for transparency within clothing and textile supply chains, asking #WhoMadeMyClothes?

Apr 19 2022

Fashion Revolution Week is an annual campaign bringing together the world’s largest fashion activism movement for seven days of action. This year's theme is Money Fashion Power! It's no secret that the mainstream fashion industry is built upon the exploitation of labour and natural resources. Wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a few, and we know that both people and nature are paying the price of the fashion industry’s unregulated exploitation and waste. We believe bringing conversations around these issues into the light will lead to better transparency within the fashion industry, more thoughtful purchasing decisions from consumers, and increasing awareness of the effects on those who work in the industry, as well as the impacts of overconsumption on the planet.

Learn more about our sustainable philosophy here.

We're huge supporters of home sewing and the #MeMade movement! The experience of sewing an item of clothing by hand teaches us the true value of a ready-to-wear garment and gives us an understanding of the skill of all workers involved in its production.

In celebration of Fashion Revolution Week our teams across New Zealand and Australia have been sharing a bunch of wonderful #MeMade creations with us! We hope this inspires you to take action by asking your favourite brands #WhoMadeMyClothes, #WhoMadeMyFabric and #WhatsInMyClothes?

SQ Melbourne 2
Charlotte Online

Above (left), Laura from our Melbourne team wears a self drafted checked cotton/linen deadstock dress, and ZQ Premium Merino turtleneck

(Right) Charlotte from our Online team wears a Make by TFS Ivy Dress in a bright blue deadstock linen!

Zoe Auckland SQ
SQ IMG 0295

Above (left), Zoe from our Auckland team wears a hacked Vikisews Clarissa Dress in a Linen/Rayon print

(Right) Paige from our Melbourne team wears a Red Clay ZQ Premium Merino turtleneck and Paprika Heavyweight Linen Peppermint Wrap Skirt

SQ FRW Darcy 1
SQ Fashion Revolution Rhi 002

Above (left), Darcy from our Adelaide team wears Make by TFS Sparrow Pants in mixed Exclusive Linens

(Right) Rhi from our Christchurch team wears a Papercut Patterns Array Top in black Crinkle Linen, and a modified Cass Pant in silk/cotton

SQ Bri Sydney 2
SQ FRW Tracy

Above (left) Bri from our Sydney team wears self-drafted deadstock denim overalls

(Right) Tracy wears an Anthea Blouse and Jenny Pants in deadstock fabrics

Alice Auckland SQ
SQ Melbourne

Above (left), Alice from our Auckland team wears a self-drafted tank in black GOTS Organic Ribbing, and skirt made with deadstock yellow silk!

(Right) Holly from our Melbourne team wears self-drafted outfit using Cocoa ZQ Premium Merino and Liberty Denim

David Warehouse
Auckland SQ

Above (left), David from our HQ team wears a self-drafted skirt using a deadstock wool suiting

(Right) Kelsey from our Auckland team wears a self-drafted dress using a black deadstock linen

Jessie Auckland SQ
SQ Alicia Melbourne 2

Above (left), Jessie from our Auckland team wears a self-drafted tank and dress, made up in a black rayon knit and our Olive ZQ Premium Merino

(Right) Alicia and Jessica from our Melbourne team wear self-drafted outfits made up in deadstock fabrics!

Below (left), Zosia from our Online team wears our hacked Make by TFS Ivy Dress in mixed Gingham Linens

(Right) Genevieve from our HQ team wears our Make by TFS Ivy Dress in a deadstock denim

Zosia Online SQ
Gen HQ

Get on board with #FashionRevolution2022 and share your makes with us on Instagram and TikTok! Help increase awareness by using the #IMadeMyClothes hashtag, not just for Fashion Revolution Week but year-round.

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