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In Store Event

02—May 2023

Join us in store on Saturday the 13th of May to celebrate your talents for #MeMadeMay!

May 2 2023

Hello #MeMadeMay! It's one of our favourite times of the year, a whole month dedicated to celebrating your brilliant talents! We want to help you share the joy of sewing with the ones you love and invite you to join us in-store on Saturday the 13th of May in your #MeMade garments.

Bring mum, nana, a friend — whoever it is that inspires and encourages you to sew for a quick portrait with a local photographer. The snaps will be yours to keep and we’ll email them to you in the week following the event! Please let us know if you're excited to join us by emailing and letting us know your closest store. A special thanks to Almighty who are providing refreshments.

Join us on Saturday the 13th of May

AUCKLAND — 10am to 12pm with Coralee Stone

WELLINGTON — 10am to 12pm with Olivia Melhop

CHRISTCHURCH — 10am to 12pm with Nancy Zhou

DUNEDIN — 10am to 12pm with Acorn Studio

BRISBANE — 10am to 12pm with James Caswell

SYDNEY — 10am to 12pm with Micaela Chutrau

MELBOURNE — 10am to 12pm with Suleiman Thomas

We can't wait to see you in your incredible #MeMade pieces!
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