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Linen Sleepwear Set

01—November 2019

A super cute Sleepwear Set to indulge in or makes a perfect gift set for a loved one!

Pearl Soho — Women's Robe with DIY Eye mask & Pillow Case
Nov 1 2019

This week we've put together a DIY linen Sleepwear Set, the perfect treat to yourself or a friend for weekend lounging! Featuring a robe, eye mask and pillowcase made up in a couple of our Exclusive Linen colours Shell & Sea Salt - this colour combo looks soft and dreamy together! Kindly worn by Ella from our HQ team.

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Women's Robe by Purl Soho, DIY downloadable Eye mask pattern and Pillowcase measurements.

Robe — Women's Robe by Purl Soho

For the Purl Soho Robe we estimated a size small based on Ella's measurements and usual dress size, there is no finished garment chart but you can get an estimate off the back body pattern piece. This took 2.8m of our gorgeous Exclusive Shell - Linen (140cm wide).

We wanted to increase the sleeve width as it was a little narrow fitting on our mock-up, so we added 10cm to the width on our sleeve pattern - you'll need to adjust the sleeve binding to match your added measurement if you choose to widen the sleeve's as we did. Another detail we added was to make belt loops instead of stitching the belt to the robe, making a rectangle pattern piece 4cm by 20cm to cut into two pieces lengthwise for each belt loop. We prepared this the same way as the hanging loop was instructed in the Purl Soho booklet following steps 1 – 5. The belt loops were sewn on the outside at each side seam 18cm down from the underarm.

The sewing instructions were very clear and detailed which is helpful as there are a couple of tricky techniques! Sewing the neck binding around the back and shoulder seam was a little difficult because of the sharp angle, although the instructions are very detailed on how to sew that step, we would recommend this pattern to an intermediate sewist.

DIY Eye Mask — Downloadable pattern available at the top right of this page

We think our eye mask pattern fits most faces but would recommend measuring your head around the top of your ears to see if you need to increase the strap length. We managed to make this out of small left over pieces from the Shell - Linen robe which is a great scrap buster! If you were to make up the eye mask separately this would take around 0.2m - 0.4m depending on which way you’d like to cut the strap. We used 3 layers of Linen for the mask piece to make it plush and opaque enough for sleeping, one layer for the strap and needed 31cm of 12mm elastic (preferably a soft elastic). The seam allowance for the mask and strap is 5mm all around.

To sew the eye mask you'll need to first, fold the strap lengthwise stitching at 5mm then turn right side out. Edge stitch both lengths of the straps, thread through elastic and stay stitch the strap end openings. Next stitch two layers of the eye mask together at 2mm, pin straps in place so the edge of the straps are facing the eye mask edges this will mean the whole strap piece in enclosed (sandwiched) when you sew the third layer on top (right sides facing) at 5mm, back tacking at the straps to reinforce the strap strength, leaving a 6cm gap at the top of the eye mask so it can be bagged out.

To finish, clip into the seam allowance on the curves, flip right side out, press then slip stitch the opening closed.

We found the eye mask pretty easy to make and recommend this to a beginner sewist.

DIY Pillowcase — Measurements

We made up our DIY pillowcase using our Sea Salt Linen taking 1.8m this allows for two pillowcases! Our DIY pillowcase finished measurements are, 48cm high x 73cm wide made to fit a standard sized pillow. The pattern includes 1.2cm french seams for the sides and 2cm hems at either end, all pillow pieces are combined into one pattern piece which make a long rectangle = 172cm x 50.5cm measure this up with the longest length parallel to the selvedge and cut.

Once you have cut your pillowcase piece, press the hems 2cm towards the wrong side of the fabric, then 2cm again and stitch down. Wrong side to wrong side, fold one edge up 73cm leaving 18cm. Stitch the side seams at 1.2cm all the way through to the 18cm flap. Then trim to 6mm and press seams open.

Flip the pillow case wrong sides out, pressing the seam allowance on 18cm flap in towards the right side, fold the 18cm flap over, enclosing the opening. Ensure that the 6mm seam allowance of the flap is still tucked in then stitch the side seams at 1.2cm and press seams open. Edge stitch the flap, enclosing the 6mm seam allowance. Lastly, flip right side out, press and you have your finished pillowcase! We think this DIY would be suitable for an intermediate sewist.

If you would like step by step video reference check out this video from Youtube to help you along!

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Linen – Shell & Linen – Sea Salt

This Sleep Set looks relaxed and casual in our linen fabrics but would make up well in a variety of fabrics including soft cottons or for a more luxe version silk and silk satins would make for an extra special finish!
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The Linen Sleepwear Set are everyday essential pieces that make your sleep ritual that extra bit more special! Don’t forget to share your makes with us on Instagram by tagging @wearethefabricstore or using #thefabricstore

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