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SQ Olivia Amber Dress Front Crop

Olivia's Amber Dress

25—September 2023

Ready for spring! This week HQ team member Olivia made a striped linen Amber Dress, using the versatile pattern from Tint of Mint.

Staff Made — Olivia's Amber Dress
Sep 25 2023

The shift into spring here in New Zealand has the TFS team dreaming up new makes for the warm days ahead! Using the Amber Dress pattern from Tint of Mint, Olivia made herself this super cute beach-ready dress with one of our bold striped linen blend fabrics. As a newbie sewist, Olivia came across this intermediate-level pattern on Instagram, and decided to give it a go with the help of a friend. Go Olivia! Scroll for photos and project details.

SQ Olivia Amber Dress Side Walking
SQ Olivia Amber Dress Front Close
SQ Olivia Amber Dress Back Spin
SQ Olivia Amber Dress Back Close
SQ Olivia Amber Dress Front Twist
Project Details

Amber Dress — Tint of Mint

The Amber Dress is a summery maxi-style, with slim straps, a single side leg split and gathering over the bust. Olivia chose to make a size 8 and omitted the invisible zip in the back, as the elasticated gather section gave loads of stretch for getting the dress on and off. This project was tricker than anything Olivia has tried before, but she mentioned that the sew-along video on YouTube was a big help in some of the areas she was unsure of. She used 2.5m of one of our popular bold stripe linen/rayon blend trio, in chic black and white stripes, and said this was super easy to sew with. We think the dress looks perfect for spring!

If you'd like to try this dress out yourself, you can download the PDF Amber Dress pattern here, and shop our 40% off deadstock fabric clearance sale online here.

Striped linen
SQ Olivia Amber Dress Front Looking Down Close
SQ Olivia Amber Dress Side Walking Down
SQ Olivia Amber Dress Front Looking Down

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