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Tucked lace kobe top fabric by the fabric store

Tide Top

06—March 2020

Read our review of the Tide Top variation from Papercut Patterns!

Tide Top — Papercut Patterns
Mar 6 2020

Following on from our Tide Dress in black lace, we decided to show you the top variation of this popular Papercut Patterns style. We made ours up in a beautiful white cotton lace, perfect for pairing with blue denim for a casual long weekend vibe!

1 white lace kobe top fabric by the fabric store
White lace kobe top fabric by the fabric store
Pattern + Fabric

Tide Dress / Top by Papercut Patterns using our Botanical Corded Lace – Ivory

The Tide is available as a PDF download from Papercut Patterns and paper copies are available in all of our stores and in our online collection. The sewing instructions for the dress and top are basically the same, except for the slightly different hem construction. Check out our post featuring the dress last week for more info and details!

We made our top up in a size XXS for Briar from our HQ team and found that this was a pretty good fit! Briar’s measurements were similar to Annelise's and actually matched the size XS, but from our experience Papercut Patterns have a generous casual fit, so we referred to the finished bust measurement and sized down. We used the recommended 1.4m of lace and ended up trimming a little off the sleeve length as well as shaping off our back hem for a smooth finish around the hip.

Main0white lace kobe top fabric by the fabric store

This little white lace top is the perfect on-trend addition to any trans-seasonal #memade wardrobe! Don’t forget to share your makes with us on Instagram by tagging @wearethefabricstore or using #thefabricstore
Thank you to Briar from our HQ team for modelling!

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