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As leaders in the home sewing and textiles community, we have a responsibility to openly share our sustainability-related goals, actions and progress with all of our stakeholders, including our customers! Annual progress reporting forms part of our current three-year Sustainability Strategy, and these reports will be published here on our website at the end of each financial year. They'll cover what goals we were able to achieve, the challenges we faced and what problem solving methods we took to resolve them. Learn more about our sustainable approach here.

The language of sustainability is complex and evolving, making it tricky to understand and open to misinformation and greenwashing. To help us on our sustainable journey, we've put together a glossary of commonly used fashion-related sustainable terminology and certifications. We hope you'll find it helpful too! Click the link below to open the glossary.

Our team are also here to answer your questions. If you have any sustainability-related queries, general feedback about this information, or you'd like to share your thoughts, feel free to get in touch via

SQ Front Ivy Soften Studio Ora Pinafore Natural Upcycled Cotton
SQ Studio Set DIY Blog Post by The Faberic Store
Poppy ZQ Merino
B Detail Two The Shoe Camaraderie Workshop The Fabric Store Leather
Trio Lemongrass Guava Biscotti ZQ Premium Merino Fog Mabel Teddy Dress Make by TFS
SQ Poppy Coat Grey Collar
SQ Crop Helena Dress Just Patterns Lilac Organic Linen The Fabric Store
Bloom Shirt Sleeve Liberty Fabric
Sparrow Stripe Front Lichen

Our Blog

To supplement open and honest communication on our internal progress, it's increasingly important to our team to ensure we provide a wide range of tools and resources to enable our community to join us in up-skilling and knowledge building. Our social media channels, websites, pattern brand and TFS blog are all extensions of this desire to educate, and are an ongoing exercise in sharing. Our blog features over 250 posts ranging from everything from home sewing pattern reviews to fabric and colour guides, sewing tips and tricks, in-depth Make by TFS (our own pattern brand) sew-alongs, to DIY and scrap busting projects, staff makes and more.

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