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Our Supply Chain + Transparency

Much of our sustainable decision-making relies on our team having complete transparency over our supply chain. Transparency is the practice of sharing honest and open information about how, where, and by whom a product was made, under an ethos of constant improvement. There is loads of writing and visual content available to further understand transparency and traceability in the fashion and textiles industry, including this excellent article on the Textile Journey website.

We believe sharing transparent information about our supply chain is an important aspect of ethical business practice, and one that allows our customers to know exactly what they are buying and how it was produced. In our retail stores, you'll see information about where a fabric was made and what certifications is holds, whether it was purchased as deadstock or milled directly, listed on the swing tag of each roll.

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We have a dedicated HQ team member responsible for managing traceability of our supply chain, communicating with suppliers and collating information. We are relatively small buyers, which means we have limited influence on our suppliers regarding their practices, but the fact that our supply relationships are formed gradually over time and often through existing contacts, gives us trust and confidence in the integrity of our information.

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