ZQ Premium Merino

Did you know that merino is one of the world’s oldest breeds of sheep, originating in Spain as far back as the 12th century?! Merino sheep produce extremely fine and soft wool, making fabric that is breathable, moisture-wicking and suitable for all seasons as well as a huge variety of uses.

To create our ZQ Premium Merino, superfine merino fibre is spun into a single twist yarn, creating a slightly textural fabric with naturally occurring slubs throughout. The single jersey knit structure gives this fabric mechanical stretch and great drape. Beautifully soft, merino jersey is ideal for all seasons and perfect for next-to-skin basics and layering. Our ZQ Premium Merino range is ethically made and includes a spectrum of over 35 beautiful exclusive colours, which we refine and add to regularly.

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ZQ Merino Lake Ohau Station April 19 58

Our ZQ Partnership

We’re proud to partner with ZQ to produce our 200gsm Premium Merino range. World leaders for ethical wool, ZQ represents the wool of choice for world-class brands and stands for quality, sustainability and connection, from the merino farmers, to our Vietnamese production facilities and through to our community of sewists.

This partnership with ZQ allows us here at The Fabric Store to trace our merino right back to its source farms, connecting us to the values, vision, and ethical farming systems that went into its production. Considered guardians of the environment, each of these farms maintains individual long-term supply contracts with ZQ. These contracts provide sustainable wool price-points for farmers, meaning they are able to produce fit-for-purpose fibre, be recognised for their values and ethical farming systems, and have income stability. We love that these ZQ contracts give us the certainty that our merino is consistent in fibre quality, traceable to source, meets environmental sustainability benchmarks and adheres to animal welfare and social responsibilities.

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Origins + Transparency

Our ZQ Premium Merino range is milled for us by a heritage company, originally based in New Zealand and now located in Nam Dinh City, Vietnam, with over 50 years in the business. We have a long and trusting relationship with this mill, which is a Bluesign System Partner and provides a MAPP performance guarantee. This company also adheres to social accountability practices based on the Social Accountability International SA8000 Standard, which provides safety and well-being standards for workers. These include safe workplaces and healthy working conditions, a living wage, an increased awareness of worker rights as well as enhanced relationships with management and more input in workplace decision-making. The company’s health and safety practices also adhere to the local government requirements of both office and production sites.

Before it arrives in our New Zealand HQ as sew-ready fabric, our ZQ Premium Merino wool production cycle is sectioned into four key stages, with facilities located in the areas below.

Sheep + Fleece — Merino stations and farms across New Zealand
Scouring, Combing + Topmaking — Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China
Spinning — Dalat City and Nam Dinh City, Vietnam
Knitting — Nam Dinh City, Vietnam

The resulting ZQ Premium Merino fabric from these partnerships is a super-soft 100% merino, 18.9 micron single jersey knit at 200gsm, certified to OEKO-TEX Standard 100. We know you will love it!

Poppy ZQ Merino
SQ MG 3706
Gen Merino Fash Rev

Merino Uses

Our ZQ Premium Merino jersey has SO many uses!
We love merino for so many reasons, especially its versatility and hypoallergenic properties, making it the perfect choice for babies and anyone with sensitive skin.
Our customers use ZQ Premium Merino jersey for everything from sportswear and outdoor insulating garments, clothes and accessories for babies and children, to a range of fashion and lifestyle garments such as dresses, tops and layering pieces. This single jersey range is 18.9 micron, 200gsm (6oz) and a handy 150cm wide. It's also machine washable, hooray!

We have loads of fabulous ideas for merino over on the blog, including pattern reviews, DIY projects and fabric guides. Check out merino on the blog here!

Exclusive Colours

Our ZQ Premium Merino fabric range includes a extensive palette of beautiful colours, including essential neutrals, playful brights and delightful jewel tones. Our retail stores and Online Store generally stock the entire colour range, and we recommend checking in for specific colour availability if you are after something in particular.

ZQ Premium Merino | 18.9 micron | 200gsm | 150cm wide

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