6 — Sew Hem and Finishing Touches

Paint Dress + Top Sew Along — 6 — Sew Hem and Finishing Touches
Nov 1 2022

First in this post we will prepare the hem facing. It may be helpful before you begin sewing to label these facing pieces on the back with tailor’s chalk or a removable pen.

With right sides together pin the left side front facing to the front facing matching the notches on the shorter ends. Sew together, then press the seam open. Repeat for the other side.

Take the back facing pieces and with right sides together pin the centre back seam. Sew and then press the seam open.

You will now have two curved facing pieces, one for the front hem and one for the back. Pin these together matching the side seam notches and sew. Press the seams open.

Sew a row of basting stitches 1cm from the top edge (the edge without the notches) of the hem facing.

Press the top edge of the facing under along this basting line at 1cm, with wrong sides together.

Pin the hem facing to the hem of your dress or top, right sides together. Start at centre back and work around to the front, and back again, matching the notches and the seams of your dress or top and the facing. Sew in place at 1cm.

Press the seam towards the facing then understitch on the facing. This will help the facing sit flat and keep it from being visible from the right side.

Press the facing to the inside of the dress, wrong sides together, along the seam you have just sewn. Making sure the top edge is folded under 1cm, pin the hem in place matching the seams.

Starting at the centre back edge stitch the facing to the dress then give your hem a press.

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