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Assemble front lucie robe slate linen by the fabric store

Front Panels

08—July 2020

After following the 'Pressing Before You Sew' steps, move on to sewing your front panels!

Lucie Robe — Front Panels
Jul 8 2020
1 Pin dart 1200px

Using your pattern as a guide, mark the dart point and darts legs onto the wrong side of your fabric using a fabric marker or tailors chalk. Next, fold your front piece in half down the centre of your dart and pin in place. Make sure you match the dart legs on each side.

2 Sew dart 1200px

At your machine, sew the dart following the line you have drawn and removing the pins as you come to them. Back tack at the beginning of this seam but when you get to the dart point, do not back tack. Back tacking here can cause the dart point to pucker.

3 Tie dart 1200px

Instead, leave a tail of thread a couple of centimetres long and secure with a knot. Be careful not to pull too tightly when tying your knot. Press this seam towards the centre front.

4 stay stitch 1200px
Stay Stitching

To prevent the front neckline edge from stretching out while sewing your robe, stay stitch along this edge just inside the 1cm seam allowance. Sew over the beginning of your dart, ensuring it is still pressed towards the centre front. Try to keep your fabric as flat as possible during this step so it doesn’t pull and warp the edge as you sew. Repeat for both your fronts.

After sewing your front panels, move on to sewing your pockets!

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