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SQ Town And Field Bags Upcycled Cottons Front

Steph's Town + Field Bags

18—October 2023

Steph from our HQ team has made up two cute bags using the Town and Field bag patterns from Grainline Studio!

Staff Made — Steph's Town + Field Bags
Oct 18 2023

Steph made a couple of small bags this week to stash her knitting projects, using the Town and Field bag patterns from Grainline Studio with a few cuts of our lightweight Upcycled Cotton fabrics. With these fabrics at 50% off until Sunday, it's the perfect time for spring clean storage projects like these bags. Read on for photos and details!

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Town Bag Front Open Top
Town Bag Front Open Top Close
Project Details

Town and Field Bags by Grainline Studio made in Lightweight Upcycled Cotton

The Town bag is a great everyday/do-it-all project bag, no matter what your project may be! For her Town Bag, Steph used 1m of Upcycled Fine Striped Chambray – Ecru/Blue, with matching natural thread and 2.5m of Organic Cotton Cord. She didn’t have webbing to use for the straps, so used a length of the 11oz Upcycled Denim – Natural which she had left over from her May Jeans. She also opted to do the cross stitching on the straps as she didn’t have any grommets. Steph said that this pattern was well drafted and instructions easy to follow, featuring a clever construction method with pockets on both the outside and inside. She'll be using this bag for knitting projects, right now it's holding a jersey she's working on!

The Field Bag is also ideal for organising knitting, sewing, embroidery, or other works-in-progress. For her Field Bag, Steph used 1m of Upcycled Wide Striped Chambray – Blue/Ecru and 1.5m of Organic Cotton Cord! Steph says this one will be perfect for her smaller knitting projects, inside it now is some colourful mittens she's working on!

Overall, Steph was really happy with how both bags turned out, the construction methods allow for a professional finished look and the upcycled cottons are not too stiff but crisp enough to stand up on their own.

Town Bag Top Cinched Close Front
Field Bag Top
SQ Field Bag Looking Inside
Town Bag Front Strap Close
Town Bag Front Closed
Above, the Town Bag in Fine Stripe Upcycled Cotton and below, the Field Bag in Wide Stripe Upcycled Cotton
Field Bag Side
Field Bag Front Strap Close
SQ Town Bag Top

We love this cute pair of bags! If this project has caught your eye, shop 50% off lightweight Upcycled Cottons online, and head over to Instagram and share your progress! We'd love to see, be sure to tag us — @wearethefabricstore

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