Organic Hemp

We’re delighted to welcome our first four colours in our exclusive Organic Hemp range - Kale, Rye, Buckwheat and Pink Salt! We’ve been working on this project behind the scenes for quite some time, having partnered with our long-term linen supplier to perfect the handle and finish of this beautiful new certified organic fabric. Our Organic Hemp range is accredited to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - a worldwide, independent testing and certification system for textile products at all processing levels.

Anthea Blouse Kale Hemp Fabric
Hemp Stack
Hemp Pink Salt

Why choose Hemp?

One of the most eco-friendly aspects of hemp is that it uses very little water, about 1/20th of the amount of water it takes to grow cotton and can often be rain-fed. Hemp can grow in almost all soil conditions, and unlike cotton (which depletes the soil of nutrients) hemp’s deep-reaching roots preserve the topsoil and subsoil. Hemp plants grow densely as well, leaving no room for weeds and competing plants and is less vulnerable to insects, which means little to no use of pesticides.

Hemp Rye
Hemp Binding

Origins + Transparency

Processing stages for hemp fibre growing and harvesting, retting, scutching, spinning and weaving are all located in Hei Longjiang Province, Northern China. Dyeing is handled in Jiangsu Province, North of Shanghai. These factories are socially accredited by BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), ISO9001 and FLA (Fair Labor Association). They also carry environmental accreditations ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) and OEKO-TEX.

Close Neck Kale Organic Hemp Anna Allen Anthea Blouse by The Fabric Store
SQ Pink Salt Hemp Puff Sleeve Ivy Dress Make by TFS The Fabric Store

Hemp Uses + Exclusive Colours

Our Organic Hemp fabrics are plain weave, yarn-dyed wovens, with naturally occurring slubs throughout. These beautiful fabrics are non-stretch and opaque with a matt finish fabric and light bouncy handle. The pure hemp yarn creates an all-over heathered look with a delightful flecked finish and soft granular texture. Not unlike linen, the beauty of hemp is that it grows softer and softer with wear and care. One of the best things about this fabric is its versatility! Hemp’s natural UV resistance, antibacterial and breathability properties make it a perfect option for an array of garments. Think go-to dresses like the Ivy, billowy blouses and shirts like the Bloom, as well as all manner of homeware pieces. Head over to the blog for hemp sewing inspo!

Our Organic Hemp fabric range currently includes four beautiful colours, Pink Salt, Kale, Rye and Buckwheat. Our retail stores and Online Store generally stock all colours, and we recommend checking in for specific colour availability if you are after something in particular.

Organic Hemp | 170gsm | 143cm wide

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