Pre pressing square

1 — Pre-pressing

Cloud Sweatpant Sew Along — 1 — Pre-pressing
Jan 24 2022

Before you start sewing, we strongly recommend that you use an iron to press some areas of your pieces. This will help to ensure accuracy as you sew, as well as aid in giving your Cloud Sweatpant a neat and tidy finish.

1 cloudpants waistband pressed copy

Fold the waistband piece in half lengthways with the wrong sides together and press.

If your waistband is in two pieces, fold both pieces in half lengthways.

2 cloud pants pockets

Fold the pockets in half at the notches with the right sides together and press.

3 wide pants pressing hem

If you are sewing the wide leg pant, fold up the hem of the front and back pieces to the wrong side and press.

38 Cuffs folded

If you are sewing the tapered leg pant, fold the cuff piece in half, wrong sides together and press.

Ammended 6 waistband fusing

If you are wanting to apply optional fusible interfacing at the buttonholes and pockets, now is the time to do this.

On the waistband, fuse a piece, or pieces of interfacing to the wrong side at centre front, where the buttonholes are located. Use the Waistband Template to guide you.

5 pants pocket fusing

For the pockets, cut two strips of interfacing, 2cm x 22cm. Fuse each strip to the wrong side of each front, at the pocket opening.

In the next post, we will sew the pockets and assemble the legs.

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