2 Pinning Side Panels Zoom SQ

2 — Sew Front + Pockets

01—November 2022

In the second of our Paint pattern sew along posts, we sew the fronts and the pockets!

Paint Dress + Top Sew Along — 2 — Sew Front + Pockets
Nov 1 2022
2 Pinning Side Panels Zoom
1 Pinning Side Panels
3 Sewn Side Panels

With the right sides of your fabric together, pin the left side front panel to the left side of the centre front piece, matching the notches. Sew them together and then neaten the seam. Press the seam towards the side panel.

Repeat for the other side.

3 Pin Pocket To Side

If you are sewing the dress and would like to add pockets, continue here, otherwise move on to the next blog post.

Place one pocket bag onto the front with the right sides together and pin together at notches marked ‘pocket opening’.

Stitch a box with your sewing machine, from notch to notch, from the outside edge in, towards the pocket bag 1cm. With your needle down, turn 90 degrees and continue stitching at 1cm, parallel to the edge. Stitch down to line up with the lower notch, turn back towards the outside, and stitch towards the edge. You will have created a stitched box along the pocket opening.

4 Mitre Pocket Opening

Next, you need to mitre into the upper and lower corners of the box. Do this by snipping into each corner at a 45-degree angle. Use very sharp scissors and take care not to cut into your stitch line!

5 Topstich Pocket Opening

Fold the pocket bag out and press along the edge of the pocket opening. Under stitch the pocket opening from corner to corner.

6 Fold Out Pocket Opening

Press the pocket bag to the wrong side, ensuring that the seam allowance either side of the opening is fully turned out.

7 Pin Second Pocket
8 Sew Overlock Pocket
9 Staystitch Pocket Sideseam

Lay the other pocket piece on top, right sides together and matching the notches. Pin it in place then sew the pocket bags together around the long, curved edge, then neaten.
Baste the pocket bag to the front either side of the pocket opening. Repeat this process for the pocket on the other side.

In the next post, we construct the back and attach the sleeves!

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