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Belt loop lucie robe slate linen by the fabric store

Belt Loops

08—July 2020

After sewing your pockets, continue on to sew the belt loops!

Lucie Robe — Belt Loops
Jul 8 2020
1 Stitch Loops 1200px

First fold the long edges of your belt loop pieces to meet in the centre and then in half again as pressed at the beginning. They will be 1cm in width. Edge stitch to close at 3mm.

2 Attach loops 1200px

Next, pin your belt loops to the front panels at the notches above the pocket. Stay stitch the loops in place. Make sure your pocket bag is sitting flat and the side seam edges of your front piece and pocket bag are flush before you stitch.

Now you're ready to sew the centre front seam and bag out the hems of your robe!

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