May Jean Sew Along

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5 — Assemble the Jean

26—April 2022

Now we will start to assemble your jean!

May Jean Sew Along — 5 — Assemble the Jean
Apr 26 2022
1 pinning crotch

With the right sides together, pin the front to the back through the inseam, matching the seams and notches. Sew them together at 1cm and then neaten the raw edge.

Press the seam towards the front.

4 crotch topstitch close
3 crotch seam topstitch

Top stitch the seam on the right side with two rows of stitching 6mm apart.

New 6 pinning outerlegs6 assembling jean
7 outer leg seam overlock

Next, with the right sides together, pin front to the back at the side seam. Sew at 1cm then neaten the raw edge.

8 pressing leg seam

Press the seam towards the back.

Repeat for the other side.

Using a seam roll can be helpful when pressing the outer leg seams
9 marking side topstitch
10 marked side topstitch chalk

Turn the jean right side out. At the side seam, mark the bottom of the pocket bag using chalk or a pin.

13 topstitched side seam

Using top stitching thread, edge stitch from the waist to the bottom of the pocket lining. Back tack 2-3 stitches at the bottom of the pocket bag, or pull the thread through to the wrong side and tie off with the bobbin thread.

In the next post, we will sew the belt loops and attach the waistband.

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