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7 — Finishing Touches

26—April 2022

Now for the finishing touches!

May Jean Sew Along — 7 — Finishing Touches
Apr 26 2022
New buttonhole
New sewing button

It’s time to add your button and buttonhole!

Sew a buttonhole on the left waistband as indicated on the waistband pattern piece. If your button varies in size to the recommended you will need to adjust the length of your buttonhole accordingly.

Install, or sew on, your button on the right waistband, opposite the buttonhole.

Before sewing your buttonhole, we recommend first doing a test on a spare piece of folded denim.
Folding belt loop
Pinning belt loop

To complete your belt loops, flip each belt loop up.

Fold under the free end of the belt loop so the edge of the belt loop is in line with the top of the waistband.

6 front half all bartacks
3 bar tack belt loop back3 finishing touches

Top stitch along the top and bottom edges of the belt loops, or bar tack at each edge to secure.

4 bar tack crotch seam
New crotch bar tack

Now it is time to add bar tacks.

Make sure the fly guard is sitting flat behind the zip then sew two bar tacks, one at the top of the centre front crotch top stitching and one parallel to the first, in the fly top stitching. Stitch your bar tacks through all the layers..

6 front half all bartacks
New back pocket bar tack

In addition to the belt loops and fly, bar tacks can also be sewn at some key stress points on your jean for added longevity. These are located at each corner of the coin pocket, the side seams and waist edges of the front pockets, and each corner of the back pockets.

Alternatively, if you are using rivets, attach them at these locations.

1 pinning hem
2 hem sewn7 finishing touches

At the bottom of your jeans, fold up the hem 1.5cm, two times, and then press. Top stitch from the right side at 1.3cm, making sure you are catching the folded hem on the wrong side as you are sewing.

Cutting threads

Clip any loose threads.

Hang shot front

Give your jean a final press. You’re all done!

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