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At The Fabric Store, we are know the earth is in a fragile state and we recognise the need to transition our business to a carbon-zero economy. Decarbonising our business is no small task! As a business that operates primarily from New Zealand, our location presents us with many challenges. One of those challenges stems from New Zealand's inability to produce or mill fabric onshore at a commercial scale, meaning everything we purchase is sourced internationally. To get fabrics here, we're reliant on global freight companies powered by non-renewable fossil fuels.

This year (2022), as part of our Sustainability Strategy, we'll begin mapping and calculating our carbon footprint. We're aiming to work with local businesses here in New Zealand that favor offsetting projects focusing on the growth and protection of our indigenous forests.

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Mapping our carbon footprint will help us to better understand exactly what activities in our business produce the highest emissions, and therefore what we should prioritise! This will include the freight services we use, the amount of air travel we undertake, the type of company vehicles we use, the energy we consume at our various locations and the ways our team members travel to and from work. Alongside this, we're developing a supplier code of conduct which contains specific points regarding the management of greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and air pollution.

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