Fabric Supply Model

At the core of our business is a desire to rework the traditional textile supply model, and we've approached our buying with this in mind right from the start. Typically, fabrics for the creative community are commissioned or purchased as entirely new textiles. We believe this primary model creates a damaging and contradictory system of waste, a system essentially modelled on the fast-fashion industry, and one that increasingly impresses a ‘fast-sewing’ methodology upon the home sewist.

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Our mission at The Fabric Store is to ensure the fabrics and products we offer to the creative community are promoting slow sewing, through a transparent, safe and circular supply model.

Of the fabrics we purchase, around 85% are sourced as designer deadstock. The remaining 15% of our fabrics are those that we mill exclusively, and these are manufactured under strict code of conduct adherence in collaboration with mills we have trusted, long-standing partnerships with. Our aim is to provide transparent information about what we sell, and to educate our community as to the pros and cons for deadstock vs new fabrics, to help us all make informed decisions about our creative endeavours!

Learn more about our Exclusive Fabric ranges, and about Deadstock Fabrics, via the two links below.

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